Antelopes – information

Antelope is a fairly diverse group of animals, because it includes different species, for example, an animal in the size of a hare – a dikdik and such that the size of a bull – canna. All of them live in a variety of climatic conditions. If some species of animals can survive in the dry desert, many other antelopes live in thickets of various shrubs, in forests, savannah and steppes.

Antelope have common similarities with bulls, since their hooves are similar and the species of such animals is called artiodactyls. All kinds of antelopes can be attributed to ruminants. They can eat plants, swallow them first, and chew slowly during rest. Horns – the most important sign of antelopes, it is because of this feature they look like bulls.

The horn is a bone rod in the animal and it develops on the outgrowths of the frontal bones. Rod is dressed in a kind of horny cover, and the cover grows with the stem throughout the life of the antelope. Antelope horns do not drop annually, like roe deer and deer. It is remarkable that the horns of animals are hollow and have no appendages. The legs are rather slender and long, the tail has an end in the form of a hair bundle, the hair is short.

Most often these slender animals can be seen in Africa, and only a small number of antelopes dwell in Asia.