Are bears endangered ?

Some species of bear areĀ  endangered. Polar bears can completely disappear in 10 years because of a massive decline in the number of populations if humanity does not stop the emission of greenhouse gases and will not start coordinating to save these top predators in the Arctic.

American ecologists conducted a large-scale analysis of the state of polar bear populations in the Arctic and concluded that these top predators of the Arctic can completely disappear by 2025 if humanity does not take measures, according to a report of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Polar bears are now in an extremely dangerous situation: there are a number of measures that we can take to slow down the decline in their numbers, but ultimately the only way to save them is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” explains Rebekka Noblin of the fund Polar Bears International.

Nearly two dozen ecologists, led by Michael Range from the Wildlife Research Center of the US Geological Survey in Laurel, came to this conclusion by following the changes in the number of polar bears and climatic processes in the Arctic over the past 20 years, and trying to extend them to the next decades .