Are bears omnivores ?

Bears are omnivores. A bear is a beast of prey, which is the largest in the world. The length of his body reaches about three meters, and its mass is about 800. The bear has a huge body, strong clawed legs, a short tail, a large head.

Alexander Pushkin is the first Russian writer of various poems, fairy tales, mysteries. Pushkin’s poems became the main point to which the entire Russian people listened. In Pushkin’s works there are a lot of works of a different genre, but he devoted much attention to lyrical poetry.

Bears of brown species live in the taiga, in mountain forests and near fertile meadows near the water. Wool of brown bears can be of different colors, ranging from brown to dark brown. By the old age, the bears grow gray, and become gray. Very often there are such species as the Malayan bear, the white-chested, the sponge, the black bear and the white.

All these species of bears are mostly found singly, but occasionally a bunch. Activity is shown at night, and a polar bear only in the afternoon. Bears are resting mainly in caves, in pits.