Are chinchillas endangered ?

As a result of active fishing, their numbers declined, and for a long time the chinchillas were listed in the Red Book. This particularly affected short-tailed representatives. But long-tailed chinchillas are mostly preserved in nature, and they often become domestic pets. The domestication of these cute animals saved them from extinction.

Externally, a long-tailed chinchilla is similar to a small rabbit, the weight of an adult animal does not exceed 1 kg, but females are usually larger than males. The sizes of babies vary: on average from 19.5 to 27 cm, with the tail can reach 17 cm in length.

The hind legs are more developed, because with their help the animals move.

An incredibly nice little face is adorned with large black eyes that help the animals to navigate in the dark. The muzzle itself is rounded, and the ears are literally located on the vertex.

Smooth and fluffy fur about 3 cm long warms the chinchilla, the color is zoned: the lower zone of the body is dark blue, sometimes almost black, the middle part is white, the upper part is black. This color creates a very beautiful game of tones and resembles a veil.