Are chinchillas good pets ?

The popularity of chinchillas as pets grows every day. More and more often you can meet a chinchilla in our homes. After all, this is one of the most fashionable pets at the moment. And it’s not surprising: once you see this sweet creature, a fluffy miracle with expressive, very mysterious eyes, this is very difficult to resist buying.

People buy chinchillas for themselves, and as a gift to relatives, without thinking about the consequences and almost nothing knowing about these exotic animals. Before you buy this charming little creature, it is worth as much as possible to learn about it.

It is also worth considering where your pet will live, what will be the cage, and where it will stand. Chinchillas, with the right good care, live very long, up to 25 years, and before buying a small animal it is also worth considering whether you will be able to provide the chinchilla with good living conditions for this period.

After all, chinchillas are much more defenseless than, say, cats or dogs, they are completely dependent on you. Buying a chinchilla, you take on a very big responsibility, because now the life of your pet is completely up to you. Are you ready for this? All information on nutrition, care, maintenance and