Are chinchillas nocturnal ?

Yes, they mostly active at night. Chinchillas are very inquisitive and active, like to frolic and play, run and jump, but mostly at night. It is important to remember that sharp and loud sounds can scare your pet, but they understand intonation well. It is best to keep a pet in the cage for the day, after all, whatever it is, it’s a rodent, and in a free walk around the apartment, he can easily bite the wire or your favorite antique chair.

Due to their beauty, chinchillas often become heroes of exhibitions. Chinchilla shows are held regularly, and if you want to pursue your baby’s career – consider the following points.

To participate in exhibitions your pet should be in good physical shape, have a good weight and well-groomed fur, but to have a pedigree is not necessarily for all exhibitions.

The following criteria of appearance are evaluated at the exhibition: the length of the muzzle (the shorter, the better), the width of the tip of the nose (the wider, the better), and the distance between the eyes and between the ears (the more, the better). But the biggest role in the evaluation is played by chinchilla fur.