Are elephants afraid of mice ?

The elephant is considered the largest animal that can be found on land. He dwells in the tropical forests of countries such as Africa and India. Characterized by a massive body, a fairly large head, large ears, thick paws, a long trunk and massive tusks.

The largest elephant, incidentally, was included in the Guinness Book of Records, was found in Angola in the 70s of the last century – its weight was more than 12 tons! The average weight of males is about 5 tons, and females – up to 3 tons. The length is 5-7 meters.

Interestingly, males not only differ in their dimensions from females, but also have much larger tusks – their length can reach 3 m. By the way, these animals, as well as humans are right-handed and left-handed – in life they usually use one tusk. This can be determined by its degree of deterioration.

The main feature of this mammal is, of course, the trunk – it is a flexible and long process, which is a fused upper lip and nose. The average length of the shoot is 1.4-1.5 m, and the weight – more than 100 kg. The trunk has great mobility and flexibility, which is possible thanks to a complex system of tendons and muscles.