Are elephants dangerous ?

We can’t answer to this question with simple answer – yes or no. Elephants can be dangerous for people, but usually the are not dangerous. By its size and physique, the elephant makes the impression of a hulking and noisy animal.

When they want to emphasize the awkwardness of a person they say “like an elephant in a china shop”. But this opinion is also erroneous. The elephant moves almost soundlessly.

This effect is achieved due to the special structure of the sole, it springs when pressed on the foot, and then acquires the original shape. By the way, the elephant’s back legs, in contrast to the other quadrupeds, bend forward.

But, as it turns out, the elephants in reserve have another paradox. The fact is that the massive skull of an elephant contains a brain of relatively small size. It would seem that animals with such a structure of the brain should not differ intellectually, but just elephants then belong to one of the smartest mammals.