Are ferrets good pets ?

Ferrets, even those born at home, are wild and spiteful creatures. Some people believe that it is not worth keeping wild animals at home, this makes them evil. In fact, it is worth knowing that in domesticated conditions contain special, domesticated ferrets.

They are also called frets. Such animals can in no case be compared to wild ferrets that live in the forest. Frets can not exist without a man, even if such a ferret escapes, being in a wild environment, he will live there no more than a week. In general, ferrets are perfectly domesticated, so that these skills develop better, the young ones are even put to cats.

As a result, animals become very attached to their masters, respond to their nickname, go and sit on their hands with pleasure. Some ferrets even try to look after their masters – lick them in the face. Nevertheless, you should not buy ferrets in unverified places.

In fact there is a risk to come across an animal from fur farm. From it to make already home affectionate pet it will be very difficult.