Are ferrets nocturnal ?


It’s very difficult to answer to this question, because ferrets sleep most part of day. On the hunt these animals from the family of cunts go out into the night. In the afternoon they prefer to rest. A forest ferret is a single animal that protects its territory from individuals of the same sex, especially during hunting.

Small predators are not fastidious in eating, and they eat, practically everything that is in their teeth. They feed on rodents, rabbits, birds and even insects, as well as amphibians.

During the search for food, the black polecat characteristically archs back and picks around, trying to find a livelihood quickly. The structure of the body allows these skillful predators to penetrate the burrows of rats and rabbits. They can squeeze into any narrow slit. Before winter ferrets ordinary molt.

The extremities of ferrets are short, which allows animals to move quickly. These are smart and fast predators. However, the sight of ferrets is not the best. But an excellent sense of smell allows them to quickly find a prey.

The body length of the animals is about 50 cm, and their weight does not exceed 1.5 kg.