Are ferrets rodents ?

Ferrets are not rodents. For some reason, many people are firmly convinced of this. In fact, the genus of ferrets, in the Latin Mustela, belongs to the family of kunyas, as well as caresses, mink, otters, badgers. This family in general is the most numerous in the number of species and genera in the order of predators.

A ferret is a pronounced predator, in a natural environment it eats small rodents, frogs, insects and even birds. It is on the basis of accounting for this and should form a diet of ferrets at home. It is worth picking products of animal origin.

These mammals have recently become increasingly domesticated, living side by side with humans, like cats and dogs. In fact, ferrets have appeared as pets in a human house for quite some time, helping us. A new wave of popularity came in the late 70’s.

We have grown fond of ferrets for home in America and Europe. But about this domestic beast, unusual for many, there are several myths. It is these prejudices that prevent you from starting such cute and curious pets. Therefore, the myths about ferrets and must be debunked.