Are flamingo egg yolks pink ?

Flamingo egg are quite similar to the normal egg yolks. The yolks are deep yellow to yellow-orange. The flamingo lays, as a rule, two eggs. Sometimes, however, there may be one or three, but rarely. He puts it in the turret nest. To arrange such a nest, birds collect silt, clay, various plant remains, rammed them with their feet and, when the cone-shaped turret becomes high enough, make a cup-shaped depression on its apex.

The height of the nest can reach 50-60 cm. Sometimes, because of the lack of the necessary building material, birds build a nest of a different shape and build it from pebbles, feathers, grass; sometimes lay eggs simply on the sand.

During the month, both parents diligently incubate the chicks, folding their paws and touching the heels of the chest. A hatched cub begins to demand food. Careful parents feed it with a nourishing bright red liquid, which is regurgitated.

At the age of five, the nestlings leave their nests and join the “kindergarten”. Such groups of youngsters can number hundreds of heads and serve to protect themselves from enemies. But this does not mean that adult flamingos feed all chicks indiscriminately – they bring food only to their own child. The nestling gives out special sounds and its behavior, parents will never confuse their chick with others will not feed someone else.