Are foxes canines ?

Fox is a close relative of jackals, wolves and dogs that all belong together to the dog family. Of the 39 described species, there are 12 species of real foxes that can be found on all continents. Foxes can survive in forests, meadows, mountains, the Arctic Circle, the countryside and near urban areas.

The most common and adapted species is the fox. Hunting for red foxes has been a popular practice in the past, and it still exists in some parts of the world. Fortunately, this cruel tradition slowly disappears.

Depending on the species, foxes vary in size. They usually weigh 13 pounds, like a dog from small to medium-sized.

Foxes are characterized by a sharp muzzle and a fluffy tail. The color of the fur can be red, brown, black, gray, silver or white – depending on the environment. The tip of the tail is always white. The tips of the ears and feet are always black.

Foxes have a similarity to cats. They have retractable claws (which can be dragged inside the paws) and vertical pupils.