Are foxes dangerous ?

Many farmers regard foxes as a pest for agriculture. This issue can be viewed from two sides, completely opposite to each other. Yes, these predators are considered as a threat to poultry, they can make their way to the chicken coop and steal it. But it was noticed that the fox chooses the weakest and unadapted chickens. On the other hand, the “redhead” destroys in the fields and near the barns of rodents, which helps to save and double the harvest.

For foxes, meeting with eagles, coyotes, wolves, a bear, a puma and a man is very dangerous. In addition to the fact that people hunt for an animal because of its beautiful valuable fur, pathetic hunting is open long before the animal, during which horse people with dogs surround the fox and drive it to death.

This kind of hunting has been banned since 2004, but all its other species remain legal. In Japan, this animal is revered. The fox for them is the God of rain and the messenger of the God of rice. According to the Japanese, the fox protects man from evil and is a symbol of longevity.

Native Americans differed in their opinion of this animal. Those Indians who live closer to the North, insist that she is a wise and noble messenger from heaven. Tribes living in the plains claim that the fox is a cunning and mean predator, which can in a matter of seconds lure a person into mortal embraces.