Are foxes dogs ?

Red fox refers to the Dog family. She has sharp ears and an elongated muzzle. And also this beast has an unusually beautiful long-haired fur and a long fluffy tail, which serves as a blanket for the front paws and nose when the fox rest.

Fox is one of the most beautiful predators. Color of the skin is red, the tail is long and fluffy, the muzzle is long and narrow, and the eyes are smart and cunning. Fox in size resembles a small dog. The color of the red cheat varies from fiery reddish to gray. In the north, the foxes are almost red, in the steppe they are gray-yellow.

The most beautiful is considered black-brown fur. Therefore, blackbirds have long been bred on farms. The fox lives in Europe, and in Asia, and in America, and in Africa. This beast adapts well to different climatic conditions.

Southern foxes are smaller than northern foxes, and besides northern foxes fur is thicker and furry. The fox is an extremely agile and quick beast. She runs so fast that it’s hard for dogs to catch up with her. In addition, it is a very cunning animal: it can embark on various tricks, entangling its own traces or procuring food for itself.