Are foxes nocturnal ?

Foxes mostly are nocturnal animals, especially those species that can be found around urban areas. Hunting takes place round the clock, though the most successful time is twilight. In general, a fox can be called an omnivore. Its “menu” includes almost 400 species of different animals and dozens of types of plant foods. Scientists have concluded that the number of rodents (in particular, field mice) directly depends on the population of red foxes, since mice are the main fox food.

Many know foxes, like abductors of poultry. Very often the fox makes his way to the place where the hens are staying the night and steals them. Although birds are not considered the main meal of the red fox, yet the animal often consumes them as food. In addition to hens, the fox loves the meat of wood grouses, geese and other birds.

Lisam, who dwell in the deserts, have to be satisfied with the meat of reptiles. If nearby there is a shallow river with fish, then the fox, of course, will come there to eat, for example, salmon. In the summer months, the animal eats beetles and other insects.

Vegetable food is of little interest to foxes, but in the absence of meat feed, the fox will be happy and fruit with berries, as well as any greens.