Are garden snakes poisonous ?

The genus of garden(garter) suspensions (Thamnophis) includes about 22 species. This leading daily life is mostly small in size snakes – 50-80 cm, the exception is only Th. couchi gigas reaching 150 cm.

The head of this genus is slightly separated from the trunk, the dorsal scales are keeled, in color, depending on the species and subspecies, there are up to eight long longitudinal bands between which small spots can be located. A characteristic feature of the genus is the whole pygidium, due to which it differs from the genus Nerodia. The additional definition of dressing garters is very difficult. there is a high variability in color.

Garden(garter) snakes are widespread throughout North and Central America. They are found both on the plains and at an altitude of 2,800 m above sea level, and although the preference is given to wet habitats, they also live in prairies, coniferous and mountain forests.

In the range of feeding snakes include both traditional frogs and their tadpoles, and toads, newts, salamanders, fish, lizards, mice, shrews, small birds and even snails, earthworms, spiders and various insects. All this indicates a high ecological valence.