Are hamsters nocturnal ?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. Most of the day hamsters sleep, and at night they are active. You can not try to change this schedule, otherwise you may encounter aggression of the animal. If you try to start playing with a hamster during the day when he is sleeping, you can face his resistance. If you try to wake a hamster that sleeps in its nest, it will most likely bite you. Up to 14 hours of hamsters are better not to bother at all.

Hamsters are territorial animals. Wild hamsters live in the deserts of the Middle East, where they live in secluded burrows. The instinct of survival is still strong in domestic hamsters, especially males. Your hamster will see in a new hamster (one sex), which they put him in one cage, a competitor, even if they have enough food, water and a cell is quite spacious.

Most likely, your hamster will attack the “stranger” hissing and snarling. If you want to buy a hamster female, then first put it in a separate cage and put it side by side so that the animals are used to each other. After the final dating, the hamsters can live in one cage, but then you have to think where to give their offspring (hamsters).

Hamsters are quite funny pets. They are not grumpy and not aggressive, as inexperienced owners consider. Often the owners of hamsters know little about their psychology and therefore quite often they are bitten by their pets. The more you communicate with a hamster, the better you will understand his behavior.