Are hamsters rodents ?

Yes, hamsters are rodents. These little fluffy rodents are one of the most popular pets. A firm place in the houses and hearts of caring owners of hamsters was won thanks to their unpretentiousness, friendliness and ingenuity. But despite all their dignity and popularity, the decision to settle a new fluffy pet in your house needs to be approached with all responsibility.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the lack of allergy among family members on animal hair or fillers for litter. The second, but no less important, is the choice of the location for the cell of the future pet.

Hamsters do not like drafts, too warm or cold air, dampness. They do not belong in a smoke-filled room, on the floor or the windowsill. It is important to remember that these are living beings and they have the right to demand a worthy attitude to themselves.

Among other indisputable advantages of keeping hamsters is their small cost, ease of care, which does not require special skills. A small amount of food necessary for a hamster for a full life, does not affect the family budget, and his cell does not take up much space in the apartment.