Are hedgehogs good pets ?

But do not specifically reduce the hedgehog and any other pet. It all can end badly. A hedgehog, curled up in fright, can damage the nose, paws or tongue of a cat or dog. If you really train animals to get along with each other, then it is necessary to do this under personal supervision.

Sometimes hedgehogs and cats with dogs are in a very good relationship. Little hedgehogs like to dig into the wool, lick it until the foam appears. This behavior of the hedgehog can be tolerated if the shaggy pet is not against it. Sometimes dogs or cats try to lick the hedgehog’s needles as their wool, but they quickly realize that it hurts.

Owners of small animals sometimes buy a rug from natural wool so that the hedgehog can take a long time with it. According to these owners, hedgehogs for hours can touch the hairs, lick them. Apparently, they like it.

Every hedgehog has its own cage. It should be noted that this cell is the personal territory of one hedgehog. No one should appear on this territory: no cat, no dog, no other hedgehog. Otherwise, conflict can not be avoided. Only the owner of the pet has access to the cage. But even in this case, you can not disturb the calmness of the pet without the need. Do this only in order to replace the litter, pour the feed or pour fresh water.