Are hedgehogs nocturnal ?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, in the afternoon they hide among the foliage and in the bushes of bushes, between the roots of plants. They do not like heat, hide in shallow cool mink or nests of dry grass, moss, leaves. Dimensions of such a dwelling are slightly larger than the size of the owner, up to 20-25 cm. Here the animal cares for a fur coat on the chest and abdomen, licking it with the tongue.

Long middle fingers help to clean as much as possible thorns that protect against predators, but collect ticks and other parasites. Among biologists, there is a concept every hour, indicating the number of mites collected during an hour of movement through the forest.

The acid bath helps to get rid of parasites, so hedgehogs like to “swim” in rotten apples or other fruits. With such behavior, it is misleading to represent the hedgehog as an amateur to eat apples. Taste preferences in the animal are different.

In the dark help a subtle sense of smell, contribute to sight and hearing. Activity of this animals reflects the route, reaching 3 km per night. Short paws do not allow you to move quickly, but fast steps carry the hedgehogs swiftly for their sizes at speeds up to 3 m / s. In addition, hedgehogs are good jumpers and swimmers.