Are hippos dangerous ?

Males of hippos – animals are very aggressive. By the way, it is females who are responsible for the calm of the entire population during the rest. Males ensure the safety of females and cubs near the coast.

Hippos can not live alone, they are not so comfortable. They live in groups of 20-100 individuals. A whole day such a herd can luxuriate in a pond, and only with the onset of twilight they go for food.

Only a male will turn 7 years old, he begins to seek a higher position in society. He does it differently – it can be sprinkling other males with urine and manure, roaring, yawning in the whole mouth.

So they try to dominate. However, young hippopotamuses get to power extremely rarely, adult males can not tolerate familiarity in the form of challenges and are too disposed to cripple or even kill a young rival.