Are hippos endangered ?

The existence of hippos is under threat, writes the British The Independent. They are included in the list of 26,000 species threatened with extinction prepared by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

The main reason for the significant reduction in the number of hippopotamuses is the activity of poachers that kill them.  The body of hippos is perfectly adapted to life in water. On land, they go out only to get caught, and often, closer to the night. These animals feel so well in the water that they sleep and eat under water and even feed their young.

Eyes, ears and nostrils of the hippopotamus are located in the upper part of the head. Its nostrils are closed during diving, thus preventing water from entering the lungs of the animal.

The eyes of the animal under water are protected by a special membrane, which does not allow the hippo to be well seen under water. The weight of an adult hippopotamus is about 1300 kg, but there are also larger specimens, up to 1800 kg. Hippos kill up to 300 people each year with their powerful jaws.