Are hippos herbivores ?

Hippos are herbivores. At one time, the behemoth eats 40-60 kg of plant food. All day they spend in a pond, and with the onset of darkness they come out of the water and begin to search for food near the shore. Despite its huge weight, the hippopotamus is quite mobile and on land. Feeling the danger, he can run at a speed of about 30 km / h.

Behemoth is an aggressive animal. Its main weapon are the teeth. The oral cavity is provided with large incisors, and on the lower jaw there are also fangs that grow to 50 cm or more. It is they who inflict mortal wounds upon the enemy. Widely opening his mouth and showing terrible jaws, the hippopotamus thus informs the enemy about the beginning of the battle. Behemoth always fights to death. During the mating games, the opponents fight for several hours in a row, leaving a puddle of blood in place of the battle.

Hippopotamus are kept in pairs or in small groups consisting of 10-20 females with cubs and an old male. The males mark the area with their litter, scattering it with the movements of the tail. Between the males often there are fierce fights for the territory, sometimes ending with the death of one of the rivals.

With oneself like these animals communicate by grunting and snorting in the water; If the hippopotamuses open their huge mouth and make loud cries, then they are extremely irritated.