Are hippos mammals ?

Hippopotamus, or hippopotamus, belong to the class of mammals, order of cloven-hoofed, family hippos. The breeding season begins in the dry period, when a lot of hippopotamuses gather in a limited area.

The age of puberty comes to 3-4 years. Mating takes place in water or on land. The gestation period is approximately 8 months. A female has 1 baby every 2 years, rarely twins; birth weight 35-55 kg. Females give birth to young in the grass or in shallow water. The mother is feeding the cub with milk while in the water.

First he learns to swim, and only then – to walk. At first he is near his mother, sometimes climbing on her back to warm herself in the sun. In addition, when the baby is riding on his mother, he is not afraid of a predator like a crocodile.

Usually adults do not have enemies, but small hippopotamuses sometimes become prey to crocodiles and lions.