Are hippos omnivores ?

Hippos mainly feed on vegetation, which grows on the banks of water bodies. In a day the hippo consumes about 40 kg of grass, which is 1.1-1.3% of its own weight. It helps digest so much fiber long digestive tract – about 60 m – and a three-chambered stomach.

The paths that trample the hippopotamuses to the reservoir by whole generations are an amazing sight. They manage even to stone a 1.5-meter ditch, in which, in case of danger, they quickly rush back to the water at the speed of the train. It is easy to assume that there will be one who will venture to stand in the way of the animal at this moment.

By the age of 7, females, and by 9 males, reach sexual maturity. Mating occurs twice a year, in August and February.

The female bore fruit for about eight months (240 days) and gives birth to it in shallow water, where mating occurs.