Are kangaroos endangered ?

Of the many species of kangaroos, about twenty are endangered . Destruction of habitual habitat is most often the reason for the reduction or disappearance of many species of animals.

Wood kangaroos in New Guinea lose their trees. Large areas of the forest are killed due to mining, agricultural activities, timber harvesting. This jeopardizes the existence of tree kangaroos. The success or failure of conservation efforts depends entirely on the inhabitants of New Guinea. The local population owns a large amount of land, and the money offered for it causes a strong temptation. Attractive is also the expansion of small farms to produce and sell more grain.

But many aborigines return to the traditional way of life. Old methods of using land in combination with new ones can help preserve a healthy and diverse environment, as well as ensure its necessary development.

The Australian government is making great efforts to overcome the image of the country with the highest level of extinction in mammals and to find a compromise between man and kangaroo. Great importance is attached to the conservation of existing animals.