Are lizards reptiles ?

Lizards are reptiles with a variety of species. Photos of the most diverse lizards and a description of their life you can learn by reading this article. Only despair and the approach of death in a meeting with the enemy can cause the lizard to break his spine and throw off his tail, which, incidentally, will still wriggle for a while, like a living, distracting a predator and deceiving him . At this time, the lizard itself, almost whole, but alive, quickly disappears from sight.

Color lizards – it is always a combination of several shades: brown, green and gray. But depending on habitats and climatic zones, lizards can have a skin, for example, yellow. And some species are even decorated with incredibly bright shades: red, azure, blue.

Sexual dimorphism in these reptiles is very poorly expressed, therefore it is almost impossible to distinguish a male lizard from a female lizard, with the naked eye, if you are not a professional zoologist. Scientists have established that lizards do not have vocal cords and therefore are always silent, but in nature there is no exception, right?

Therefore, there exists on Earth a “vociferous” lizard, which is called the Shtekhlin Lizard and Simon, this reptile lives on the Canary Islands. When it is overtaken by danger, it emits something like a squeak.