Are mice nocturnal ?

Yes, mice are mostly nocturnal. The main movement in mice begins with the onset of darkness. That’s when they begin to look for food, arrange their homes, that is, dig holes, and protect their site from their fellow tribesmen.

Do not think that a tiny mouse is a cowardly creature. In the process of protecting her house, she can attack an animal that is much larger than the mouse itself. If the mouse lives in a place where there is a constant twilight, then it is in greater activity, and it needs less rest and periods.

But if people are constantly in the habitat of mice, then the mice are not too “shy” – when the room is quiet, they can go out to find food in the daytime. However, if the mouse is held as a pet, then it has to adapt to the owner’s regime.

These animals live in groups, because a lone individual can not make large enough reserves, find food, and discover danger in time. True, life in a mouse family is not always cloudless – there are also serious conflicts, which, as a rule, break out due to a lack of food. Females are much calmer than males, they even very often together bring offspring and jointly engage in his upbringing.

A mouse is an animal that is wild and obeys the laws of its family. From what place in this family a certain animal takes, its activity also depends. It is the leader that determines the periods of wakefulness and rest for his subordinates.