Are pandas aggressive ?

Mostly pandas aren’t aggressive.┬áIn the wild, the “bamboo bear” lives alone, and only once a year, during the mating season, meets with a female or a male to extend the offspring. The result of this is the appearance of one, rarely two, naked, helpless and blind cub.

The eyes of a newborn bear cub open only a month later. At the expiration of three weeks, the panda-crumb begins to acquire hair, acquiring its corporate color and “glasses”, and its weight is not more than 175 grams, which is rapidly recruited and already in two months reaches 3-4 kilograms, and to mature age – 17 -160 kilograms.

But the pandas residing in the wild do not envy anything: a person mastering the territory produces deforestation, which is why most of the individuals during the brief three-day marriage period do not have time to find their partner and remain without an offspring, thereby reducing their population of about seven hundred individuals.

Therefore, the panda has long been listed in the Red Book, and every newborn is a great value and joy.