Are rabbits nocturnal ?

Wild rabbits are typical nocturnal animals. In summer they leave their burrows almost at midnight and live until morning. Only where they are not disturbed, the rabbits are active in the daytime, but they never leave their burrows. Eat a variety of green plant foods.

In search of food they willingly visit agricultural lands, and in winter they consume young shoots of steppe shrubs, dry weed stems, etc. On open snowless places, it is possible to observe dug up soil, where the rabbits extract rootlets of plants.

Rabbits multiply in more complex in structure burrows. The chambers of such holes have a large number (up to 8) of inlet openings and are used year after year. Here, females, the pregnancy in which lasts 30 days, the warm season gives birth to 4-5 litters to eight kids in each.

Unlike bunnies, which are born already well developed, the kids of the rabbits are very helpless, naked and blind. Only at almost monthly age, they begin to eat independently, but grow very quickly, already at the age of six months become sexually mature.