Are raccoons dangerous ?

Raccoon – a beast with huge ambitions. A colossal vigor with a bold courage and superb savvy enables these charming creatures to defend their honor and interests. And the interests of these animals often and densely extend far beyond the law.

With wild raccoons you need to be extremely cautious. These creatures are very touchy. Not responding affectionately to the playful habits of this bully with a striped tail, the raccoon can take revenge. He does this with knowledge and with great pleasure. So, what is dangerous for a raccoon for a person?

Hide everything that can be spoiled. A raccoon with hurt feelings can spoil the garden furniture, tear clothes and shoes hung to shreds, scratch the rubber on the tires of a car, a motorcycle and a bicycle.

He will quietly day by day pander your things. Slowly, but surely, to inflict on material values ​​a small mechanical damage that makes things worthless. Believe me, a wild raccoon is dangerous for a person and very much.