Are raccoons nocturnal ?

Raccoons are known as night animals, but often they can be seen in the daytime. When a raccoon suffers from rabies, its behavior changes. Usually raccoons are modest, but a rabid animal can become unreasonably aggressive. And yes, mad raccoons can wander during the daytime.

However, uninfected raccoons can also be active throughout the day. For example, a mother who has just given birth can be in search of additional food for her children. In other cases, raccoons living in metropolitan areas developed other habits than wild raccoons. And one of these habits is the transition to life in the daytime.

If you see a raccoon in the afternoon, do not assume that he is necessarily infected with rabies. Instead, observe his behavior: in addition to aggressive behavior, a sick raccoon can have a strange gait, and his movements look atypical.

It’s pretty simple to determine that something strange is happening to the animal. On the other hand, if the animal is restless, moves quickly and naturally, it means that there are no problems, the animal is probably just hungry and is in search of food.