Are raccoons omnivores ?

Yes, raccoons are omnivores. The family of raccoons is famous for its ability to survive and adapt. These animals can not only digest different types of food, they are very versatile, even in the matter of obtaining a meal.

Raccoon is able to hunt, and engage in gathering. The charming wad in the mask eats both fresh food, and carrion, which has already managed to have a good time. Raccoon an omnivore? – Yes. Raccoons happily weave food of both animal and vegetable origin, and they also willingly mushroom themselves with mushrooms.

Getting out on the top of a tree, the raccoon tracks bird’s nests. There he eats eggs and chicks. In addition to feed from the nests, the raccoon weaves fruits of trees.

Going down to earth, the raccoon is omnivorous or herbivorous? On the ground, the raccoon becomes available insects, rodents, the contents of the nests of turtles and snakes, as well as various berries and all kinds of root crops (if they are very close to the surface).