Are raccoons rodents ?

Raccoons are not rodents.┬áRaccoons are placental mammals belonging to the family Procyonidae.┬áRaccoons are interesting, intelligent and very charming little animals. That’s why these animals are increasingly becoming popular Internet stars, eclipsing everyone’s favorite – seals.

After watching the pranks of these charming creatures, no one will remain indifferent to them, because they can not be looked at without emotion. Raccoons are beautiful, interesting and very curious – in them it’s just hard not to fall in love. In addition, raccoons can not live without the delicious, like us. Their black eyes bordered by a black fur coat add to their pretty face a unique charm and expressiveness.

Thanks to this nature of attraction and amusing behavior, raccoons are increasingly being brought home. most people enjoy watching this pretty creature with its funny habits and irrepressible curiosity.

Despite the fact that raccoons are predators, they are rather affectionate, contact and peaceful, so they very well make contact with other domestic pets-cats and dogs. Raccoons are very affectionate and very attached to their masters, so they will always try to attract your attention all the time.