Are salamanders poisonous ?

Yes, but not all species. The mythical poisonous salamander and the real animal, of course, are related, but there are too many differences. The salamander was overgrown with various legends, said that she lives on fire, eats it and can extinguish it.

And another legend says that the salamander is poisonous and its poison is deadly, and has also gained worldwide popularity. Anyone who has never met such an animal as a salamander, and has seen it only in pictures, still can consider that it is very poisonous, and it is better not to approach it.

Well-known respected people are often quoted, this share has not passed, and this description of the fact that the salamander is poisonous to the point of emergency, by the way, for the most part it does not apply to all salamanders, but only to those called spotted or fiery salamander. And here in many books, medieval textbooks and treatises, there are descriptions of a terrible malicious poisonous salamander.

Of course, with time the natural sciences improved, animals were studied in detail, various studies were carried out. But only in the XVII century there was evidence that the poisonous salamander is not so poisonous and dangerous for people. Apparently, before that, everyone was just afraid to approach it, preferring to stay away from such a dangerous animal.