Are sea lions endangered ?

The Galapagos sea lion is one of the species of sea lions inhabiting exclusively the Galapagos Islands and, in a smaller quantity, Isla de La Plata (Ecuador).

The population in 1978 was about 40,000, at present the number of individuals was reduced by 50%.

The main threats are the tendency to death and the cessation of reproduction during El NiƱo (fluctuating surface water temperature in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean, which has a noticeable effect on the climate), attack of predators, the possibility of infecting infectious diseases from wild dogs.

Workers of the nature protection service rescued a two-month old baby of the Mediterranean fur seal recently. This mammal belongs to a group of pinnipeds, a group of predators and belongs to the family of eared seals. It should be noted that this species is a species of fur seals, most endangered by extinction throughout the world and one of the most endangered marine mammals.

This rescued kid is one of only 600 animals that continue to be in the world of wild animals. A group of biologists from the Nature Protection Service plan to release the animal to a colony of fur seals, which is located in Greece.