Are snakes cold blooded ?

Yes, snakes are cold blooded. Snakes do not like heat, they feel it in order to survive. On the head or on the labial scutes of snakes, especially poisonous ones, there are special pits that determine the temperature, they are simply stuffed with temperature microreceptors. Excitation occurs when infrared radiation, comparable to the one that occurs if you put your hand thirty centimeters, the snake literally sees a heated body in complete darkness. The fields of the organs slightly overlap, as in animals with weak binocular vision.

Using locators, snakes strike, perceiving the living heat of a rodent or a bird. With the help of locators, snakes quickly detect the heat-losing corpse of an animal that did not have time to run far away after a bite. They will find the animal on a thermal trail, find it in a hole, find a bird in a hollow. They will be able to avoid a collision with an enemy superior in size – a man or beast.

There are many different legends about snakes and people are afraid of them, so they associate with them all the bad. (beginning with the Serpent, who perverted Eve). The expression “to warm a snake on the chest” is like a warning from troubles.

I’m afraid of snakes, but a few cases in my life surprised me beyond measure. In the neighborhood there lived a granny who told everyone that she crawls to her at night and sleeps with her together. And she is not afraid to pass the nights. Grandma was blind and lonely.