Are snakes endangered ?

Despite the fear that they inspire in many people, snakes are in fact threatened with extinction in their own natural environment. Due to the pressure caused by invasive species and the gradual destruction of their habitat, it is not at all surprising that there are a number of snakes that are threatened with extinction.

View of Vipera wagneri or spotted mountain viper is a poisonous snake inhabiting the northwest of Iran and the east of Turkey. This snake lives at altitudes exceeding 1500 meters, and prefers rocky or grassy areas. In 2008, the status of Wagner’s adder was changed to a “threatened species”, as there was a fear that the planned construction of a dam within its limited habitat would lead to the destruction of the viper population.

The number of this species also decreases due to the fact that many people catch these snakes for keeping as pets. It is believed that less than 2,500 adults of this species remain in the wild. Its name comes from Moritz Wagner, a German researcher who found the first documented specimen in 1846.

In connection with the threat of the disappearance of these snakes, the St. Louis Zoo (St. Louis Zoo) included them in their breeding program and nine cubs appeared in the zoo in August 2013.