Are snakes nocturnal ?

No, snakes aren’t nocturnal. Snakes creep out on dark nights. Slowly they slide among the sand, stones and grass. Around – impenetrable darkness, but this is not an obstacle. A moment – and the steel spring, swiftly turning around, overtakes its prey. There are almost no failures.

Scientists have long been interested in the question: where does the snake have such a precision? After all around dark, quiet, it happens that the rustle of a hidden animal is not heard.

It was well known that the sight of a snake is not bad. But does she see at night the same way as during the day? Scientists have done such an experience: they deprived the sight of a rattlesnake and brought a beast to it – it rushed to its victim just as quickly and accurately as a sighted one. So it’s not your eyes …

American scientists Noble and Schmidt brought to the blinded snake not a beast, but … a heated light bulb wrapped in black paper. And what? The snake tried to bite the bulb.

Scientists continued their research and found out that the snake has special organs – “heat collectors”. They are found in poisonous snakes under the eyes in the form of two small pits, and in non-toxic snakes – pythons and boas – on the lips. If you cut the nerve, which is suitable for these depressions, the snake will stop noticing even very warm objects.