Are snakes poisonous ?

Snakes refer to animals that people fear most. And because of this fear, many will destroy the snakes rather than realize how useful they are to the surrounding nature. And the benefit of snakes is that they destroy harmful insects and rodents and thus help to regulate the number of animals that give a person a lot of trouble.

Poisonous snakes are only one-tenth of all snakes, and not all poisonous snakes are deadly or just a danger to humans. Most snakes are completely harmless. Poisonous snakes do not hunt humans, they bite, if you try to touch them, step on them or break their rest in some other way. The venom of the snake is most often spent on its prey, and not on people.

In the United States, for example, about 20 species of poisonous snakes. These are mainly rattlesnakes, water shield mice, royal snakes and moccasin snakes. Many poisonous snakes (the exception is the royal aspid) belong to the group of serpent snakes, as they have a depression on their heads between the eyes and nostrils.

These grooves help the snakes to detect heat sources, which allows them to determine the place where the prey is. From the bites of most venomous snakes can be cured, and no long-term consequences from them do not remain.

People sometimes still die of snake venom, but this happens when the victim did not go to the hospital quickly enough. If you are bitten by a snake, try to reach the place where you can be provided with medical help as soon as possible. And until that time, you need to slightly pull the place above the bite and try to move as little as possible with a bitten hand or foot.