Are snakes reptiles ?

Snakes, like lizards, belong to a group of scaly ones. A squamous group belongs to the class of the reptiles (reptiles). And, in turn, the suborder of the snake is divided into three families-legged, radiant and snake-like.

Do not confuse legless reptiles with slippery worms: the skin of the snake is smooth and dry, periodically (during molting) the snake sheds old skin and overgrown with new one.

Remember that all snakes are carnivorous – they do not shy away from lizards, nor other snakes, nor small mammals, birds, their eggs, fish, snails or insects. By the way, they can not bite and chew food, because they have to swallow it whole. Sadly, a young python can swallow a living mouse, and the same adult – even a small deer.

The absence of limbs does not prevent the snake from moving dexterously and quickly. Throughout evolution, snakes have developed several ways of rapid movement and successfully apply them, focusing on the habitat.

People who have little knowledge of reptiles say that it is impossible to tame a snake. Experts-terrariumists with them in the root disagree. True, they also say that this will take time.

In any case, you need to cut yourself in the nose, that the snake – a pet is not for everyone. This is not a rabbit.