Are squirrels mammals ?

Yes, squirrels are mammals. These wonderful animals live everywhere except Australia. For them, the main thing is that there are groves, a dense forest, thick parks. Too sunny places squirrels for some reason bypass. At the expense of the dwelling, this animal is very thoughtful.

They either arrange a house in the hollows of trees, or build a nest in a tree near the trunk, in advance worrying that the dwelling was protected from difficult weather conditions.

Twigs of twigs, moss, an old bird’s nest are building materials for nest squirrels. In order to keep all of this between themselves, clay and land most often serve them.

A distinctive feature in their nest is two exits, the main one is the main one and the reserve one, as a strategic exit during a possible danger. This fact tells us about what kind of squirrel is an animal, it is friendly, but not so trusting.