Are squirrels nocturnal ?

Squirrels aren’t nocturnal. These animals have well-developed night vision, which allows them to navigate unerringly in the dark. Many people know that a flying squirrel is not able to fly in the conventional sense of the word. Their wings only allow them to slide from one tree to another.

It is worth noting that these animals are very voracious. In just one week, the protein consumes food whose mass is equal to the mass of its body.

Squirrels have well developed hind legs, anterior rather short ones. Thanks to the joint work of the paws, the protein is capable of jumping for distances of about 20 feet.

Surprisingly, the protein is capable of falling from a height of thirty meters, while remaining unscathed. Not to cause serious injuries in the fall of proteins allows not only the structure of their bodies, but also a fluffy and beautiful tail, which proteins use for balance, on the principle of a parachute.