Are squirrels omnivores ?

Christmas trees eat a variety of food – it’s omnivorous rodents. The diet of squirrel living in the wild is highly dependent on the climatic conditions of the region and the time of the year. They make large supplies of food for the winter – in the winter they do not run out of squirrels.

With the onset of spring, rodents begin to look for fresh sources of food. The squirrel eats fir and pine cones, berries, roots, pine nuts, lichens, tree kidneys, bark and needles.

Squirrels make large reserves for the winter, but tend to forget about the locations of their pantries. Often one squirrel finds another’s supplies, which saves it from starvation. In a particularly difficult time, these fluffy animals do not disdain to eat frogs.

Summer is a time of expanse and plenty of food. The diet of squirrel is markedly increased, replenished with mushrooms, in which they are very well versed. Squirrels  often visit vegetable gardens in search of fresh fruits and vegetables. But they also do not refuse from animal food. With insufficient amount of vegetable feed, baby squirrels easily pass to lizards, birds, eggs of birds, insects and their larvae.