Are there bears in Africa ?

You will not find bears in Africa(in the wild). In fact, let’s remember the geography of the spread of the bear tribe. Representatives of seven species of this family widely dispersed throughout the world. In the polar regions of the North, there is a huge white bear; in Asia, Europe and America – brown; baribal is common only in North America, sponges, Malay and Himalayan can be found only in Asia, and a point bear in South America.

And what about Africa? Why such injustice? Yes, injustice, but not really. In ancient times, the picture was somewhat different, the bear in Africa still lived, but only in the north-west, near Tetuan.

Most likely he wandered here in the most ancient era, when the path from South Spain to North Africa was discovered through Gibraltar: as studies have shown, the waters of the Atlantic then broke through the isthmus, filling the Mediterranean “cup” to the top, then retreating, and then a “bridge” was formed. Herodotus mentions bears in Libya. But since then, the already scarce data on these animals on the Black Continent has clearly diminished.

Centuries have passed, and the events that took place in East Africa at the beginning of this century forced scientists to think about revising old truths.