Are toucans endangered ?

Toucans officially are not endangered. In nature, Toucans have few enemies. Bright coloring and a large beak, oddly enough, perfectly mask these birds in the crowns of trees. Help them to survive wit, caution and collective support. Attack on toucans can snakes (mostly wood boas), birds of prey, rarely wild cats.

The local population always hunted for toucans because of tasty and fatty meat. Also in the course were feathers and areas of bright skin from the chest of birds, they were used for making ritual ornaments. Despite this, the Toucans did not suffer from hunting, and with the colonization of America began to colonize the cultural landscapes.

Nowadays, they can often be found in the parks of South American cities, plantations, gardens, where they often rob, eat bananas and other fruits. Trustful and friendly disposition turned these birds into popular pets. In captivity, toucans show themselves as very smart, curious, but not restless tenants.

They multiply once a year, like woodpeckers, these birds are monogamous. The resulting pair is in a hurry to find a nest, in this respect the toucans from woodpeckers are very different. The fact is that with its clumsy and light beak, the toucans can not chop wood, but they nest only in hollows.