Are wild turkeys endangered ?

Although domesticated turkeys are mass-grown on farms, hunting for wild birds finds their fans. In the early twentieth century, the turkey fishery reduced the number of these species to 30,000 individuals throughout the continent.

Now, thanks to protection, they are not uncommon. In zoos everywhere it is possible to meet domesticated turkeys, their content does not present any difficulties, but wild individuals in the exposition are rare. In those zoos that demonstrate wild turkeys (especially the eyebrows), they invariably arouse public interest.

The area of ​​the common turkey extends from Mexico in the south to the southern provinces of Canada in the north. The area of ​​the ophthalmic turkey lies to the south – from Mexico in the north through the whole of Central America to Belize and Guatemala in the south.

These birds live settled, keep small flocks of 5-20 individuals. Turkeys are active during the daytime, they prefer to search for food at dawn and at dusk, during the day their activity decreases slightly, and they spend the night on the trees.