Are zebras black or white ?

The color of the fur is an alternation of bands of black and white. It is believed that, nevertheless, the main is the black background, and it is diluted with white stripes. On the neck, head and anterior part of the body, the strips are arranged vertically, on the back of the body they are placed at an angle, and the limbs are decorated with horizontal stripes. Each individual has a strictly individual pattern.

Striped color protects against flies and flies. He also disorients predators, but he does not have a similar effect on lions. Lions successfully hunt zebras. Running zebras are not as fast as horses, but they have remarkable stamina.

Therefore, not many predators hunt them. In addition, zebras have a special tactic, they escape from the pursuer zigzagging, throwing from side to side. It’s difficult to catch up with a zebra. If you drive a zebra in a corner, then it grows to the rack, bends and bites. Zebras have an excellent sense of smell, they have superbly developed vision and hearing.

Zebras are rather large animals. They can weigh 350 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller than males. Representatives of the species reach a height of 1.3 meters in the shoulders. The length of the body varies from 2 to 2.6 meters. The length of the tail is approximately 50 centimeters.