Are zebras carnivores ?

No, zebras aren’t carnivores . The diet of zebras consists of plant foods: leaves, shrubs, branches, various herbs and bark of trees. Zebras are social animals. Depending on the species, the forms of communication also differ.

Plains and mountain zebras live in family groups, the group is always headed by a stallion. Similar groups consist of approximately 6 females and foals. Young males unite or lead a solitary lifestyle. When they reach adulthood, they also acquire their own harems.

A plain species does not adhere to permanent social ties. In groups these zebras gather for only a few months, then the group breaks up and a new one forms. Only females with their babies remain inseparable.

Sleeping zebras standing. They spend the night in groups, so they protect themselves from predators. The representatives of the species communicate with each other using barking and neighing. The mood of the zebra is shown with the help of the ears: in a calm state, the ears are straight, in the state of aggression the ears go back, and during the fright – forward. When zebras get angry, they snort loudly. When predators appear, they make loud barking sounds.